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A creative IT Software and Embedded Hardware Design Company

About Us

Our Services

We design IT Software and Embedded Software products and solutions for our clients.
Many times off the shelf products do not fulfil user needs so we put in our technical expertise to design best suited product

Desktop and Web

We design C# and VB.Net based products or open source based products for various business applications. These can have desktop application or Web application. We offer Web solutions on IIS , Apache as well as Python webserver frameworks

Embedded and IOT

We offer Embedded Products Design services and IOT platform development alongwith the webservices required for IOT. Our products are normally with TCPIP stack. We develope No OS products as well as Embedded Linux and Windows Compact 7 based products

Mobile App Development

Smart phones have brought revolution in IT Industry. We offer customised solutions for Android and iphones. Actually these solutions are offered in combination of Design and deployment of Web Service.

Cloud Solutions

We develope web based solutions on cloud. These are scalable solutions on various databases like MongoDB, EC2. Applications are developed in Java, Python, PHP. We even offer hosted solutions for their business needs.

About us

We are Creative IT Software and Embedded Hardware Design Company.

Who We Are

Owner: - Sanjog J. Gandhi

Education :Masters in Engineering (Digital Electronics) 1990 from V.J.T.I. ,mumbai , India
Batchlers in Engineering (Electronics & Telecom) 1988 from C.O.E.P. , Pune

Job Experience : Worked for 1.5 year with Godrej & Boyce, Mumbai as a electronics hardware development engineer for VME based processor and peripheral cards 8-10 layer VME based 68020 32bit CPU cards, Graphic cards, Multiprocessor systems and related systems software development primarily catering to Military and Telecommunication needs.

Why do We Design

Well ! simple answer is Passion ! We love Technology.

Sometimes we love the Application, Sometimes we love the Technology, Sometimes we love the concept, Sometimes We are keen to work with Like minded people.
Sometimes We are supercharged with some Idea or application or a concept and feel that we must develope either a service or a product.
Some of the products are self funded and self maintained. Sometimes Market demands certain product designs which are not readily available so we make some custom made solutions. Sometimes we come across associates who are passionate about some idea which there are confident to sell solutions of, We develope projects with co-ownership as well. For few customers technology obsolense drives them to rethink the whole solution with new perspective and we assist them for trendy solutions.

What We Do

We design software and hardware products and solutions. Right from Creative imagination of a products , Proof of concept, Prototyping till the Production, be it a hardware , software or combined solution, We offer state of art technology with simpliestic and long lasting design concepts.

Our Associates

Earlier all the design activity was part of Autovue Electronics - Leader in Automation Solutions.
ICon Labs is formed in 2016 to offer the design services on a broader scale.

Some of our Products

  • MintMatrix .Net based Fully configurable ERP/ Workflow platform. This offers template design tools, VB Script engine and user managemnt tools

  • ICon WebServer .net based and also python based Web Service or Web Applciation to suit various projects in Industry or business

  • MintVue 5.6" and 3.5" Colour Touchscreen with few serial ports, few inputs and outputs and ethernet interface for server or connectivity with its own script engine and windows based graphic designer to buid applications for HMI.

  • Protocol Gateway and IOT These are black box products which act ar various bridging and gateway application like Protocol convertor or data concentrator. These designs are with full TCPIP stack. These products are the core field elements and get connect to cloud servers of data connectivity and controls

  • Rpi based Products Raspberry Pi based HMI, Black box and HDMI solutions

  • OS based HMI We design Hardware and Software products based on Windows Compact Edition 7 and Linux Operating Systems

  • Customised Solutions We design Hardware and Software products based on various applications using RFID Technology, 1D-2D Barcode Technology, Wifi, Bluetooth, Zigbee technology, RGB/ HDMI TV interfaces, LED Display boards etc.

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A creative IT Software and Embedded Hardware Design Company

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